10 Steps

 The Program



Our 10 Steps to Sustainability (10s2s) program provides a fresh approach to business sustainability.

We’ve often heard from new clients that they don’t know where to start to address sustainability for their business.

So we built something completely unique: 10s2s is the only sustainability system which is both an end-to-end strategy adviser and a data management platform, with guidance designed to help you to take
sustainability in-house.


This guidance is embedded in an innovative software platform, which is:


            • scalable: for businesses from the very small to the very large
            • modular: with features customisable to your needs, and
            • supported: with an Impact Sustainability adviser ready to answer your queries.
            • affordable: because environmental and social sustainability doesn’t have to be at the cost of economic sustainability.


It all starts with our free Groundwork Guidebook