A Christmas anecdote on the importance of transparency

Shopping for a gift for a family member recently reminded one of our team here at Impact Sustainability of the importance of making sure environmental claims are made honestly, and communicated well.


The gift in question was a watch, produced by a small manufacturer who claims to use only recycled materials, and that every watch purchased has a positive impact upon the environment, through a range of partnership initiatives.


Curious about the details behind this, we went hunting for more information…little was available via the company website. So we went in search of reviews, where a range of review and blog sites disputed the company’s claims about sourcing recycled materials, claimed that the company mislead customers about where the product was manufactured and suggested the lack of detailed information about the partnership initiatives indicated possible dishonesty.


So, our team member took his gift-buying budget elsewhere. The key message here is that, while making claims about environmental performance and initiatives can have great benefits for brand perception (for companies like Honest By, and a range of other hero brands we’ll be blogging about in the coming months), honesty and clear communication are key to ensure that you get the rewards you deserve.