Carbon Footprint Calculator





A carbon footprint calculator is a tool to help you calculate the total greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the operations of your business. It’s a snapshot in time. We can simply and cheaply help you do this in our flexible cloud-based software, but we don’t want you to stop here.




A carbon footprint is important because it gives you a starting point, but the real change begins when you start to approach your carbon footprint in the same way you approach your financial accounting.


For example, your balance sheet is also a snapshot in time, showing you how you are performing from a financial perspective for a particular time period. It is an extremely useful document for managing your business but on its own it’s difficult to make decisions from. You start to gain insight from this data when you compare the balance to your performance on a previous month and the same month in a previous year. This is when accounting becomes management accounting. Similarly, when you start to measure your carbon footprint on a monthly basis and report on your performance you move from a carbon footprint calculator, to carbon management.




How can we help you?




Impact Sustainability’s software and services can take your business from simply calculating your carbon footprint through to developing a strategic sustainability strategy that covers environmental, social and economic factors. All of our solutions are developed with simplicity, transparency and affordability in mind.
If you’re just after a carbon footprint calculator, we’ll let you use our system for free for six weeks. After the six weeks, you decide if you ready to move to carbon management or a more holistic sustainable business practices approach. You decide and move at your own pace. We are here to support that process.




Some of our key features include:



    • 3rd party assured emission factors and calculation methodologies. We manage the responsibility of updating the factors when they change 


    • Transparent greenhouse gas calculations to reduce your time and cost when auditing 


    • Export and import functionality to enable easy upload of data and download for analysis 


    • Data management reports that help you manage errors in duplication or missing information, as well as mange the data collection process across multiple users by sending alerts at user defined intervals



Contact us to learn more and start your free 6-week trial.