Carbon Management Solutions

Solutions of Carbon Management


Carbon accounting is the methodology used to account the activities in your business operations that cause the release of greenhouse gas emissions and calculating a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e).


A carbon audit uses carbon accounting to analyse the different sources of emissions within your business operations and understand a yearly total or baseline for your business.


Carbon management is the process of managing the reduction of these gasses and therefore lowering your impact on climate change. It explores your historical trends and how certain changes in technology or usage patterns can lower your carbon emissions over time. Just as financial management uses data gathered from financial accounting to gain insights into the businesses performance so decisions can be made; carbon management takes data from carbon accounting to make decisions about the future.


If your business is just getting started in the world of carbon management and you are exploring the various options being presented as solutions by carbon management consultancies; it is important to know these distinction.


Often a business will fall into the trap of paying for a carbon audit that provides yearly total emissions by source and is then left wondering what to do next. The intelligence comes when you commit to continually measuring your performance so your reporting gives you insights into how to manage the reduction of your carbon impact.


Similarly, you need good systems in place to ensure your ongoing measurement becomes part of your business operations and not data that is pulled together once a year by begrudging employees, who don’t understand why they are sifting through old energy bills.


Impact Sustainability’s software and services was designed to help you through this journey, allowing you to make business sense of carbon management.


The software was built to assist businesses move from audits to carbon management solutions. The cloud-based platform allows employees from different areas of your business to enter data via our extremely user-friendly interface. Finance employees can simply add billing data into the system after a bill is paid; facilities can add waste data; and the travel department can enter information about flights, taxis and hire cars. You can coordinate the data capture any way that makes sense for your business.


The software’s flexible reporting allows your business to query your carbon usage, exploring emissions by source and by scope one, two and three over any time frame.


And the best bit is the price. Starting at $145 per month, it’s a far cry from the exorbitant top-end-of-town software out there.


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