CLG company

Impact Sustainability helped us to step outside our day-to-day mode of thinking and find initiatives which not only improve our sustainability and community connection, but also contribute to a healthier bottom line. We have been impressed by their dedication and the quality of their work.”


Lawrence Dowd: General Manager, Colonial Leisure Group



We worked with Colonial Leisure Group to turn their sustainability risks into opportunities.

For example, during our strategy workshop, CLG staff identified food sourcing was as a key challenge: with rising costs forcing them to choose between reducing the quality and sustainability of their produce or raising meal prices.


IS helped CLG to remove the middleman and up-skill staff to work directly with food producers. Farmers now get more for their produce, and CLG pay less, along with having more direct control over the ethics, quality and sustainability of production. We now support CLG to track progress on its sustainability strategy through our software platform, and communicate their achievements with stakeholders.