Stories are how we communicate our message. They should entertain us, educate us and influence us; they are ever evolving. They are how we engage people in our journey of sustainability and inspire action.




Impact Sustainability will work with you to help you devise a communications strategy for your different stakeholder groups. The aim is to communicate content in a way that is entertaining, educational and influential to your businesses employees and customers, keeping in mind your brand’s current tone, look and feel.




Mostly we believe in developing your sustainability story so that it is simple and engaging – making it easy for everyone to get on board.




Some tips for good sustainability communications:



      • Be honest. Sustainability communications are about transparency so ensure you talk as much about the areas where you still need improvement in balance with all the great things you are doing. If you only talk about how good you are, you may cross the boundaries into ‘green washing’.


      • Use data. Back up your actions with your results and how you’ve gone against your targets.


      • Less is more. Don’t over communicate with lengthy stories and details; you’ll bore your audience and they’ll lose interest in the great work you are doing.


    • Avoid overdoing green. Avoid using stereotypical green imagery and words. Your sustainability strategy should guide your wording, but cliched statements such as ‘we are a green company’ can feel largely meaningless to stakeholders. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.