The Groundwork-shop

Guide Book of Impact Sustainability


The Groundworkshop has been designed to assist you develop a sustainability strategy that makes sense for your business. The workshop was initally created in response to clients who felt that their efforts towards creating a more sustainable organisation were not being fully integrated into their business, including lack of buy-in from employees and management.


We are all about providing choice and making sustainability accessible, so we have created The Groundwork Guidebook. A free resource for you to download and run a workshop in your business.


You can use the guidebook in one of three ways:



  1. Go it alone. Use the guide solo if you need a framework to engage and develop buy-in across your business.
  2. Run your own workshop. Involve a group of key people within your business in a workshop and develop the groundwork for your sustainable business strategy.
  3. Let us facilitate your workshop. Impact Sustainability can run the workshop for your business, with content tailored to your needs.


The Guidebook is the first step in our 10 Steps to Sustainability program, and provides the background information and exercises to help you decide what sustainability means for your business, what the important issues are, who you need to connect with and what your sustainability goals should be.


Whichever path you choose, the Guidebook will help you put sustainability thinking front-and-centre for your business, rather than sidelined with a single business unit or staff member.


We’ll be delighted with whatever choice you make. We’re just happy to be on the journey with you.


Click on the image to download the book.