Impact Sustainability Release V2.5

Impact Sustainability’s version 2.5 will be released to clients on Friday 1st March. The release includes a number of small enhancements and bug fixes and the following new functionality.


New Menu Structure

The main menu has been restructured to make it easier to use. All functionality is now logically grouped under the main banners of ‘Your Dashboard’, ‘Your Company’, ‘Environment’, ‘Community’, ‘Workforce’, and ‘Take Action’. The set-up, data-input and reporting for environment, workforce and community indicators will now be contained within the relevant module. If you do not have access to a module and would like to inquire about the functionality available, please contact us.



Target setting

The Take Action module now includes the ability to set, record and report on reduction targets for your environmental performance. Users are able to select an environmental indicator they wish to reduce, choose a year to base their target on (baseline year), set a percentage reduction and choose the number of years they wish to set the target for. If you’d like guidance on why and how to set targets, read our guide to setting sustainability performance targets


Community investment

The community investment module is designed to keep track of all your community contributions. Community contributions are voluntary donations distributed to community organisations. A community organisation is usually a registered Non-Profit Organisation, but can also include government departments, schools, universities and local sporting clubs.


There are four ways to record your organisations community contributions in the system:

  1. Cash
  2. Employee time
  3. In-kind
  4. Management costs


To read more about calculating your community contributions click here.


Further enhancements have been made to the community module, allowing your business to report a combined total investment for a given period.


If you don’t have access to the community investment module and would like to inquire about this service please contact us.


Better data management

Sourcing data to add to Impact Sustainability’s system can be a headache for those given the task of coordinating. Data is sourced from multiple internal and external stakeholders and received at different times. If managed well the input into the system should take a matter of minutes per data source. If left to the last minute, unnecessary time is wasted chasing people and trying to work out where the holes are in the data. Keeping your data up-to-date allows you to extract greater value from the system at any point in time.


To address this challenge we have developed new functionality within the ‘Your Company’ module called ‘Manage Your Source Data’ and ‘Data & User Overview’.


Manage your source data

This functionality allows you to store information about each data source, assign an owner and set a reminder email and frequency to alert the appropriate person to add the data to the system.



Data & User Overview

This functionality allows users to view a snapshot of your data and users in the one place. The page provides;

  • Your company’s locations, and any utility meters attached to each
  • A list of your company’s users and their roles
  • A summary of all data that your company currently has recorded in the system, including the total number of records for each indicator and the last date data was entered




Active & Inactive Users

We have released new functionality that allows Client Administrators to make users active or inactive.


For auditing purposes users cannot be deleted from the system if they have previously added data, however we recognise that managing a large list of users can be difficult. Therefore we have developed this solution so inactive users will be hidden from your company’s list of users and will no longer be able to log into the system.