Impact Sustainability Version 2.6


Workforce Module Enhancements

There have been significant enhancements made to our workforce module that allow will you to capture a wide variety of workforce related data. In addition to storing total workforce numbers for the year, this form now includes;


  • The number of employees for each employee category in your workplace
  • The breakdown of permanent and temporary employees
  • Staff turnover rates
  • Employee training hours
  • The number of employees in each salary bracket
  • OH&S indicators such as total absentee hours and incidents of work related death or injury
  • Employee satisfaction levels based on employee survey results



In most cases data is broken down by gender, and in some cases additional factors such as age, employee category, training type, or turnover reason can be captured.



Each element of this diversified set of workforce data can be reported on using the new ‘Workforce Diversity’ report.



These enhancements will replace the current ‘Employees’ capture form which only captured workforce numbers.



Changes to Fuel Forms


After reviewing the way we capture fuel consumption and vehicle use, we’ve streamlined the capture process to be more user friendly and intuitive approach.



Historically there was four fuel input forms listed under a menu called ‘Fuel’. This included two input forms that were driven by the use of a vehicle register.



We’ve combined standard fuel capture and capture by vehicle register into the one form to reduce the number of entry options. Users are still able to set-up a list of vehicles in the set-up function, then optionally select a vehicle in the input form to pre-populate key information such as fuel type, fuel consumption ratio and the registration status.   



All stationary fuel combustion will now be recorded within the ‘Energy’ category, whilst the fuel consumption of vehicles, either by quantity (units), cost, or distance will be listed under the ‘Business Travel’ menu.



Web Login

You can now login to Impact Sustainability’s system via our website. Simply visit, enter your credentials into the ‘Sign In’ fields at the top of the page and away you go.



Manage Your Data

To consolidate Impact Sustainability’s administrative functions a new ‘Manage Your Data’ category has been created under the ‘Your Company’ banner. Some existing items can now be accessed via this new heading, specifically, the ‘Data & User Overview’, ‘Manage Your Source Data’ and the ‘Exception Report’ (previously located in the ‘Environment’ module).



Adding Community and Workforce information to ‘Data & User Overview’ report

The ‘Data & User Overview’ presents a snapshot of your organisations’ locations and utility meters, users and their level of access, and environmental data currently stored in the system. This report will now include information and data from both the Workforce and Community modules.



Individual Flights – ‘Return flight’ Checkbox

No longer do you need to enter each leg of a return flight separately; simply select the new ‘Return flight’ checkbox and a new record will automatically be added for the return leg of the journey.



Inactive Locations & Utility Meters

Users are now able to mark Locations and their Utility Meters as ‘inactive’ if they are no longer in use. Locations & Utility Meters marked as ‘inactive’ will no longer appear in any lists or displays, and all data associated with them will be hidden.



To make inactive Locations or Utility Meters and their data visible again, simply click the ‘Include Inactive Locations/Utility Meters’ button in the toolbar and mark the relevant entry as ‘Active’ again.