New Developments in Sustainability: CEOs say ‘tax us’

At a time when Australia seems set to do away with the carbon tax (and not introduce the carbon pricing mechanism that was set to follow), we noted the results of a recent Accenture survey with great interest.


Nearly one-third of CEO’s suggest intervention through taxation should be pursued to advance sustainability initiatives. Given how extensively business typically lobbies against any form of business taxation, that’s a truly remarkable result.


In total, 59% of CEOs call for harder approaches from government, including regulation and standards. Interestingly, only 21% believe softer approaches such as voluntary initiatives and information resources are the way to go.


Perhaps not the kind of result you might expect.


So, if the carbon price is working, Australian businesses don’t think getting rid of the carbon price will make a difference to them, our biggest trading partner is just introducing one, and even a good proportion of company CEOs can see the value in taxation, why are we getting rid of it again?