Sustainability Audit


The aim of a sustainability audit is quite simply to turn data into knowledge.



Once you have set your vision, goals and objectives and determined the key indicators you wish to measure, Impact Sustainability can assist by undertaking a baseline assessment of where you are today and provide recommendations to help you get to your goals. 



We realize that the process of data gathering and analysis is challenging when you are just starting out, and we don’t want you to give up before you have started. We can help take the pain out of this activity by doing the hard work for you and handing over our recommendations for making the process run smoothly in the future.



All collected data will be loaded into Impact Sustainability’s management software, ready for you to start reporting and using.



We will provide you with an audit report that includes:


  • Analysis of historical information and trends
  • Recommendations on ongoing data management and processes
  • Recommendations on sustainability actions to take