Sustainability Reporting Software


At the core of our offering is our state-of-the art sustainability reporting software, a management system that will assist your business to keep track of your sustainability goals, objectives and actions and report your performance. 



Why a system is needed


Keeping data updated regularly is a challenge for most businesses, particularly when it is kept on spreadsheets, sourced from multiple stakeholders and across multiple locations. Impact Sustainability’s system is a user-friendly and affordable, allowing you to focus on the task at hand – creating a sustainable business.



What makes it different


  1. It is accessible and valuable to businesses of all sizes and levels of environmental impacts
  2. It is a user-friendly and transparent interface that does not require a sustainability expert to manage
  3. It is flexible and scalable enabling your business to use more functionality as you progress
  4. It allows you to keep all of your sustainability data in the one place including the management of your sustainability projects



No one would argue how important data is in managing economic or operational performance  – The same can be said for the necessity of having good environmental and social data to manage your sustainability priorities.



The key features of our software include:


  • Reduce admin time associated with collating and calculating greenhouse gas emissions
  • Detailed reporting on usage trends and greenhouse gas calculations
  • Easy to use and affordable in both time and resources
  • Reporting on performance trends in terms of consumption and financial cost
  • Transparent greenhouse gas calculations reduce environmental auditing time and costs
  • Set reduction targets and track actions supporting a continual process of improvement
  • Allows for multiple user logins and accessibility from any web browser
  • Hosted solution with the latest data security
  • Export and import functionality to enable easy direct upload of data and download for analysis



Click here to watch a two minute video demonstration of the software.