Sustainability Reporting



If you’ve reached the point where your business is considering sustainability reporting or you are already undertaking some form of reporting, congratulations! We appreciate the effort involved in getting internal support, collaborating with stakeholders, developing a strategy, deciding what environmental and social impacts are material to your business, collating data from all areas of your business, setting goals and targets, taking action, monitoring your performance, finally reaching the point where you are ready to communicate your achievements.


We understand that it’s a big job and no doubt you’ve learnt a lot along the way. One of the things you will have learnt is that there are a few key ingredients that will mean your journey to sustainability reporting will either be a difficult and frustrating uphill battle, or a rewarding and valuable process for those directly involved and the business as a whole.


These key success factors include:


  • Bottom-up strategy development with top-down support
  • A well communicated vision to all employees so everyone understands the role they play and why
  • Access to data so you can understand where your starting point is and make decisions about where you want to go
  • An easy-to-access central warehouse for all sustainability information including the management of input measurements, setting and storing of targets and the recording of actions, documentation and other relevant information.


The last point is critical for your success in sustainability reporting. Successful sustainability reports have a good balance between data to compare your performance against your targets, and story-telling to compliment the hard facts.


How can we help you?


Impact Sustainability’s software is the perfect tool to support your journey to sustainability reporting. A cloud-based system means stakeholders can input and report on data from anywhere with web access.


The software is split into four modules to allow set-up, input, carbon accounting and reporting on the indicators that are material to your business. The modules are Environment, Workplace, Community and Take Action.


Our current clients range from small service based businesses to multi-national organisations, reflecting the affordability, flexibility and scalability of our service. We don’t believe in charging you more if you are a bigger company, you only pay for what you use, allowing you to start small and evolve at your own pace.


We not only provide software to help your sustainability reporting, we can also:


  • Help you develop a sustainability strategy via one of our workshops 
  • Consult to ensure you are getting the most out of your data
  • Support you to create a fantastic sustainability report
  • And assist you with how to effectively communicate your message to stakeholders.


Contact us today to take a free trial of our software and learn more about how we can help you with all of your sustainability reporting needs.