The Hero Brand files: A superpowered fashion label
Honest By has a business model that 10 years ago would have been labeled a seriously bad idea.


Recently launched by the former art director of Hugo Boss, Honest By claims to be the world’s first 100% transparent company. A bold claim indeed, but one that’s hard to refute.


Customers are shown where materials are sourced from, where they were processed, their environmental and health credentials and even…gasp…how much the company paid for them.


The sharing of such commercially sensitive information is a bold move, but in the murky world of textiles supply chains, it is one that is clearly targeted at generating trust between company and consumer, and a feel good brand association at the point of purchase.


Such an approach requires working much more closely with the supply chain than is typical of companies within this sector, which are often unaware (perhaps blissfully) of the original source of much of the materials in their products.


We’ll be watching with interest to see how this new business fares!