We are Impact Sustainability

We provide sustainability performance management software.


Our vision and mission are to provide the enabling support to businesses of all sizes and for all industry sectors to better understand and manage their sustainability impact across aspects of environment, social, community and workforce. We are commercial, but we are founded on social investment principles and are driven to achieve a meaningful difference to the wider impact that businesses have on the environment and society.


We believe that our system design, affordability, flexibility and practicality make it well suited to businesses of all shapes and sizes. In particular, the affordable nature of the system and its intuitive, easy to use design mean that the costs for implementation and ongoing use remain low and it can be adopted as a ‘stand-alone’ system, not requiring any expensive consulting or technical support in the future. We do however provide complementary support as required to our clients to enable them to make the most effective use of the system and to help them meet their sustainability performance objectives.


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