Embracing the shift

Impact Sustainability Founder & Director, Hayley Morris

Embracing the shift

Embracing the shift 2560 1440 Impact Sustainability

Impact Sustainability Founder & Director Hayley Morris was recently featured in an article by The Weekend Australian’s Business Columnist Damon Kitney.

The piece talks about the new generation of business leaders who are not only embracing the climate shift, but proving that so-called “impact investing” doesn’t have to come at the expense of financial performance.

“Having terms such as impact investing is great, because it sums it up. But I think in the early stages of the formation of an area, it can also be detrimental: the fact it gets an association of being impact first and financial second,” Ms Morris says in the article.

“So it gets put into the ‘nice and do good’ bucket. But we need to get to the point of it not being a term in itself; it’s just the way we invest.”

In the article, she talks about coming together with other like-minded business people who share her focus on generating returns from the low-carbon economy.

“We are doing it with a mind-set that takes into account one other crucial factor and that is the world around us, the planet that we walk on,” she says.

The full article is available online for subscribers to The Australian here.