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The importance of needing to align sustainability with your company culture!

The importance of needing to align sustainability with your company culture! 488 285 Impact Sustainability

Here at Impact Sustainability, we’ve put together an online training guide that will help streamline your business to get started on setting up a successful sustainability program.

We get that it can be overwhelming when you first sit down to take control and understand your carbon footprint and your efforts to help manage climate change. This is where we believe its key to plan your strategy all the way through and keep it consistent. We have picked a few little snippets from the overall training guides available online, to show what sort of process needs to be put in place throughout your sustainable journey. It is extremely important to align sustainability with your companies culture. If these processes aren’t set up and properly strategized, momentum will get lost and communication will become confused and misleading. Guidance is key in your carbon accounting and our training guides will help you understand this.

Here are a few of our steps:

  1. Creating your sustainability strategy story:

This first module is designed to walk you through a series of steps to help you develop a sustainability strategy which makes sense for your company; and is aligned to your purpose, values and ultimately what makes you unique and different from every other company.

  1. Setting goals:

In this part of your process, you will be developing a list of your stakeholders and determining the level of impact your sustainability work may have upon them and conversely the level of influence they may exert over your sustainability initiatives.

  1. Carbon Accounting: 

In this module, you will learn about carbon accounting. This module is aimed to ease you through understanding your carbon levels and where exactly they go. When you are looking at your greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting in the software, it is important for you to have some idea of what it all means and how it was put together! In addition, if you have an aim to be carbon neutral, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are reporting on!

  1. Impact measurement: 

This guide takes you through measuring your impact. Impact measurement is key to how you communicate your performance to your stakeholders both internally and externally. We live in a time where it is not enough to use broad statements like ‘we are a sustainable business’. Stakeholders demand detail and transparency into exactly what you are doing and how you are performing. Data is critical to tell this story so this step helps you to measure your impact appropriately so that you can reflect your businesses best work.

You are not alone in this and we are here to help you step by step in becoming a more sustainable and environmentally aware business.