Our Mission: Accessible Sustainability Solutions

Impact Sustainability is a boutique consultancy that assists business from the creation of sustainability strategy right through to measurement and communication of performance. Our services are supported by a state-of-the-art measurement and reporting software.


Our services and solutions are designed to up-skill your employees to ensure your sustainability strategy is internalised. We focus on helping you communicate your unique message to key stakeholders to ensure your investment in sustainability creates value for your business. We’ll help you to:  


Develop a strategy and tell the story:


  • Define sustainability for your business
  • Develop and implement your strategy
  • Establish senior buy-in
  • Build your staff capacity
  • Collaborate with your supply chain
  • Communicate and engage your stakeholders


Keep you on the right track:


  • Track your projects + data with cloud-based software
  • Select your indicators
  • Analyse your data


10 Steps to Sustainability is our flagship service, supported by our free eBook the Groundwork Guidebook


We look forward to hearing from you 

Capitalism with a conscience

Buy, consume, dispose – such is the widely accepted framework that we consumers accept and operate within.  But turning this framework on its head is a steadily growing, global movement known as “collaborative consumption”.


Also known as the “sharing economy”, a business operating within this movement does not sell a product or service, but instead provides a framework that allows mutually beneficial “sharing” or “exchanging” to take place among individuals.  Collaborative consumption businesses make use of the increased connectivity provided by the online world, creating opportunities between people that would otherwise have been missed or wasted.

End-of-life warranty


Sustainability strategy is becoming more innovative as supply chain issues become more apparent. It is important to consider potential second (and third, fourth and so on) lives for products – recycling is one thing, but designing products so that they are reusable or easily able to be repurposed is even more responsible.


The ‘cradle to cradle’ view of a product’s life-cycle has emerged, seeing companies working with suppliers throughout the chain to ensure a life to their products and packaging beyond their primary use. An obvious way forward is proper recycling, however this requires behaviour change from companies, suppliers and consumers alike and so poses a challenge.